Monday, March 8, 2010

Winners of Feb 2010

I am so happy to announce the winners of my Feb 2010 giveaway, the giveaway has six participants.

I am sure you are excited to find out who are the lucky winners! After using the below are the lucky winners!

1st Prize

2nd Prize

3rd Prize

Do email me at sherrygo at hotmail dot com with detail of your name and address so I can post the Prize to you. 

Thank you everyone for taking part, no worry if you not win this giveaway. I plan for another giveaway at other blog soon.


  1. Sherry my dear ~~~ thank you sooooo much lak ^^

    First time I won something from blog's giveaway ^^ hope my luck will grow continuously^^hahaha...

    My mum she always use Henna one ^^ luckily I won this ^^ hehe...
    And I like the accessories loh ^^ can't wait to receive it ^^
    email you soon ^^

  2. hi Yjia, so glad you like the colour :D

    Lavender, thanks for posting :D


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