Sunday, March 21, 2010

Be a star or dancer?

I am still waiting for the participants to get in touch with me. Well some of them did and above belong to two participants!

Tomorrow my dad will bring my mom to visit specialist as her blackout caught my bro attention! My bro wants my dad to bring my mom for a thorough check up because worry of there is tumour or other illness that causes her to faint.

My bro called up me last night to inform as he is worry of my mom. He said he has asked dad to bring mom check up since six months ago. My other sister has become a nun and not want to know much of family. She told me she not cares of anything anymore. I think this is a way of her getting out of life and family!


  1. Hi sherry ^^I've tag you in my blog post here ^^

    It's a "I love your blog" award ^^ I dunno whether u have receive it before or not , but pls take it my dear ^^ coz you deserve it ^^

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