Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh I am hungry!

I love to eat that is why I have put on weight, I thought I am only 34 inch waist. Opps! I am more and it is 36 inch that is bad as I now can feel very tight after wear my favourite pants. There is no easy way to slim down, after having dinner around 5.30 in the evening.

Last night went to night market (pasar malam) I have purchase this sweet and sour black pearl to drink. One cup like this cost MYR$2.80, I like to buy at night market as it is more tasty. If I purchase at shopping mall, it is very watery and less tasty. 

Right now I am feeling hungry! Food in mind I have got now will be the Lobster Combo Set at Victoria Station. I have not tried that before how about you? Other than that I am thinking of Kajang Satay! I want to check out the Shogun restaurant price. But this is just all in my mind right now.

When I am moody, upset, and unhappy all I can think of is eat! Now question is I live to eat or eat to live.

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