Friday, March 5, 2010

First Tag by Noir Jewelry

Here's my first tag from Noir Jewelry, since it is in Malay I can also translate in English as following.

1. Do you feel HOT? Yes all the time if the weather very hot!

2. Upload wallpaper computer or laptop that you are using. None as I don't use wall paper. :(

3. Tell a story of the picture. I choose the above picture it is a blue love charm that clasp on the zipper. I made it 2 days ago. :)

4. When was the last time you are pizza? It was last month! 

5. The last song you heard? Nobody (that's the song sang by Korean)

6. What else are you doing besides doing this tag? I am watching TV!

7. Besides your name, you are being call what? customer, client, blogger

8. Tag another 8 blogger. I choose my wonderful followers on this blog.

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