Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Yjia got the Prize!

Here's blog post of Happy Yjia about the Prizes she received.

I am sure you remember the Feb 2010 giveaway, she is one of the winners. Yjia won 3rd Prize in my giveaway.

Now it is your chance to win Free ribbon necklace from me. You got to find out if you are one of the lucky bloggers! The bloggers are already busy picking out the pendant or charm and the ribbon necklace.

The ribbon necklace has got extension because you can clasp on the length that suitable. Below just sample of kitty charm and the ribbon necklace that is purple in colour. It is taken, remember all my charm and pendant are limited. They are imported from overseas country.


  1. Hi dear ^^ So surprised to see my name in your blog title !
    Thanks for mentioning my name in your blog ^^
    And ...er...have you already made my necklace ah ? If haven't yet then can I change to purple colour ribbon ?
    Coz I saw the purple colour ribbon in that picture is quite nice ^^
    If u've already made mine then it's ok lak ^^ sorry ya ^^

  2. hi sherry

    i just posted the prize I won from your blog. i put a link to your blog.

    i hope your mom is alright now.

  3. thanks Yjia, thanks Lavender :D


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