Friday, March 12, 2010

Winners got their parcels and another giveaway

I glad to hear that my winners have got their hands on the parcels. Now there is a contest I am taking part which I need to collect points in order to win. I am so far away from the points, one of the reason is I am lack of referral. I need to refer friends to take part in the contest that ends on 18 March, 2010.

I cannot offer money as I am lack of cash, the only thing I can offer is my jewelry. I have got ribbon necklace and you can see many at my jewelry blog. Come on who does not like freebie, some more it is free ribbon necklace with pendant or charm.

For blogger with address in Malaysia, it is your lucky day to get the freebie from me. The contest request to do a few steps, you can click on the link above of the contest to find out. I am one of the participants in the contest and I know I that I am losing out in this contest if I do not get referral points. Whether I win or not if you help me in the contest by taking part at your blog and also mention me Sherry as your referral you will still able to get the free ribbon necklace with charm or pendant.

If you want the freebie don't forget to mention to me where you have leave the comments that you mention you are referral by me Sherry. Anyway I have mention on my other blogs of this giveaway. So far there is none success referral by me from my side.

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