Sunday, March 14, 2010

My mom blackout

Yesterday morning we decided not to go anywhere because at noon we need to visit my cousin's wedding. It is fun to see everyone there, well not exactly everyone as I see some parents not having their kids along anymore. I am referring to my uncle and aunt kids, I think they are grown up now and do not like to follow where their parents go.

After visit to the lunch gathering, my dad brings my mom to old folks home where grandma is staying. My mom went into the toilet and when she was out, she blackout. I think my dad means to say she passed out. My mom has weak body and she is under medication, she has low blood pressure. They were at the old folks home for nearly 40 minutes.

We not tag along to visit my grandma as we have places to go. It is heart breaking to know my mom passed out. My mom had ice kacang ABC in the morning then heavy lunch that come with a beer. Lucky that my brother and wife were they to assist my mom as dad cannot hold on to my mom alone. It was my brother that hand my mom the beer because she not having one for such a long time.

I am glad my mom is better now, as for me I am busy all nights long as I stay up to take part in contest. It is tiring for me as I have not get good sleep I slept at 3 something these days. I cannot get enough points as contest is based of the points. I am having the free ribbon necklace only for ten bloggers. I sure hope I can get more points from refer friend. It is not easy being a full time blogger!


  1. Oh...i'm glad to hear that ur mum is feeling better now. Must take care of her and yourself too ^^

    and sweetie I had posted the contest in my blog and mentioned u as my referral in my comment ady ^^
    You go and check and see whether I have any mistake or not lak ^^
    I hope you can win this contest ^^

  2. thank you jia, I will check at the contest there as its under moderation .

  3. now only 8 ribbon necklace up for grab!


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