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Above left is Ms. Tang Soke Cheng, Information Manager I-City, on the right is Ms. Shirley Teo PR Manager of I-City.

Yesterday I attended a fun event with my son, we head to I-City, Shah Alam, We get the chance to experience the five new attractions within in 72-acres of I-City Land. 

 Dubbed as the City of Digital Lights, i-City’s 25 acre leisure park has been receiving an overwhelming response, marking 5.5 million visitors to its night attractions in 2013. With the opening of WaterWorld@i-City to cater to the day crowd, i-City’s theme park is set to provide visitors an enriching whole day experience with its latest edutainment attraction besides the existing charms available in i-City!

Located in FunWorld, i-City is proud to introduce its latest edutainment attractions for families especially with young ones. Some new attractions include of:

a. Itsy Bitsy, a magical park where parents can relive their childhood memories while spending precious hours with their children as they can join the hardworking ants to have a joyful moment together or even, joining Mr & Mrs Bee as they busily welcome people to their “beehives”. In Itsy Bitsy, there is a variety of readily available rides, be it the Mini Pirate Ship to Rocking Chaise Car and Fitness JR where kids’ stamina and physical strength are put into test;

b. Fun Drive, a mini township where kids can go behind the wheels and explore the tiny city; it is a fun and educational introduction to road safety as kids will receive a driver’s registration card and get a briefing on the basic safety rules and regulations while on the road.

Fun ride in Fun Drive, it's educational too, you get to watch a video on explain to each stop. 

c. Jungle Adventure, a soft play adventure centre that allows the young ones to embark on the Jungle Rider with their parents to discover more about wildlife creatures as they “roam” in the mini jungle freely and meet Mr Tiger as he mischievously hides around the corner waiting to pounce at you, or meet the friendly Three Bears; and

i-City is a family oriented tourist destination for many, you can start planning for your school holiday. It's a fun places for for ages with famously known attractions like Red Carpet, the Malaysia's First Interactive Wax Museum.

You can see below pictures of the Itsy Bitsy at Theme Park C, the area where family bonding and allowing the family members to share laughter, joy and fun together.

“i-City is a family-oriented tourist destination for many, be it locals or tourists alike of all ages with famously known attractions like Red Carpet, the Malaysia’s First Interactive Wax Museum and many more to cater to adults and teenagers in both day and night. Even so, i-City has now introduced a dedicated zone especially to the young ones, giving another good reason for family to spend ample time with their loved ones at i-City to have an experiential and edu-taining day,” said Tang Soke Cheng, Information Manager of i-City.

She added “We ensure that our new attractions bring some sort of benefits to the visitors here in i-City. For instance, with the opening of Itsy Bitsy at Theme Park C, we are actually promoting the family bond and allowing the family members to share laughter, joy and fun together. Imagine that parents get to know their child’s character and attitude from the way they communicate to the way they behave when comes to certain rides while kids get to see the inner child spirit of their parents – all within the precinct of i-City!”

 To further enhance one’s experience in City of Digital Lights, there are another two new attractions which are the Dancing Water and Mist Fountain.

Above is Mist Fountain
Above is Dancing Water

Located within the digital lightscapes park, Mist Fountain offers the magical cooling and chilling effects that are indescribable and unbelievable which allows one to have a long-lasting bonding session among their family members and enjoy the experience as if they were at the peak of high mountains.

Dancing Water, on the other hand, is the first of its kind spectacular water performance, leaving visitors with a great feeling as it is a creative masterpiece blending the groundbreaking audio, astounding light and water together. Situated at the Digital Lights area, we are happy to enjoy every moment of it.

Fun night for mommy and son, we enjoy many rides, you can also view instagram sherrygo
video 1 - Rocking Chaise Car
video 2 - Jungle Adventure
video 3 - Fun Drive
video 4 - Giant Ferry Wheel
Click on the link to view.
For your info, each ride RM10 per person or RM5 per person, depends which ride you are going.

Thank you I-CITY for bring us this perfect family getaway. We love it very much, we enjoy playing the Rocking Chaise Car, Jungle Adventure, and many more.

FunWorld@i-City open from 10am onwards. As for Dancing Water, it will be performing at 9pm and 10pm from Mondays to Thursdays and for Fridays to Sundays, it will perform at 8pm, 9pm, 10pm and 11pm. On the other hand, visitors can experience being surrounded by the cool Mist Fountain after the performance of Dancing Water.

For more information, please visit or contact 03 – 5521 8800.


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