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Ice Age Adventure at Resorts World Genting

Above is the Behind The Scenes Tour that you can read from my other blog, click on the link.
Earlier I have blogged about Ice Age Adventure info for this school holiday, if you have clicked the link you would have read about it. Ice Age Adventure is located at the Genting International Convention Centre Meeting Rooms 7 - 12 from 10 am to 6 pm.

Ice Age Adventure has landed at Resorts World Genting since 1 September 2014 and had provided lots of fun and entertainment for children and family. No kidding last weekend, son and I have the fullest fun time. 

At only RM20 nett per person, you can enjoy yourself in the Ice Age Adventure which comes with three main key zones namely the Ice Age Theatre, Ice Age Playground and Ice Age Meet-and-Greet featuring a variety of fun activities. Scroll down you'll be amazed by the creatively printed tarpaulin backdrops for children or parent to have photo opportunities.

My son with one of his favorite character of Ice Age Adventure, he's Manny.

The Ice Age Playground will 

Son can never forget the movie he seen last on Ice Age movies.

Son trying to bring this big walnut home?

Ice Age Playground where so and I have fun time with various 2D die-cut displays, 3D street art element and mirror illusion. You can make any creative photo post that you can come up with at over 30 photography spots based on real movie scenes. 

Mommy and son on the pirate ship of Ice Age, we are sailing away... 

All scream 'ahoy', as a re-creation of Captain Gutt's ice ship will be on the board just like above!

The Ice Age movie enthusiast will find the Ice Age Theatre their favourite zone with screening of Ice Age's popular short films such as Gone Nutty - the 2003 Academy Award for Animated Short Film, No Time for Nuts - the 2007 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, Continental Crack Up #1 & #2 and Surviving Sid. There will be 12 time slots available at 30 minutes per session starting from 10.15am right up to 9.15pm.
After the movie screening, there is fun games or quiz. You can bring home a prize from there.
For example, some children will pretend to be one of  the characters of the movie they had watched.
Don't worry, it's fun time, for everyone even parent cant take part.
Skill games and redemption machines are also present aside the vast photo opportunities.
RM5 for each game.

Cool Ice Age Adventure limited edition premiums are up for grabs while you are there to win some limited edition Twentieth Century Fox World premiums through the luck draw session when the event ends in October. Ice Age Adventure will be ongoing until 26 October 2014.

We spotted Sid the sloth! Don't forget follow me on instagram sherrygo to view insta video.

Finally, the Ice Age Meet-and-Greet zone is where you can meet and great much loved characters - Sid the sloth, Scrat and Diego.
My son happily making his sixth stamp collection of Ice Age Adventure.

The three key zones are not all the Ice Age Adventure has to offer. Six stamp collection stations are scattered all around the Ice Age Adventure compound, they will six stamp stations. 
Six stamp collection stations all around the Ice Age Adventure compound where you can create a bookmark out of the six different designs from the Ice Age or just attend some of the workshops available that includes making handicrafts of Ice Age characters mask or simply coloring.

Check out the goodie I received on the event day, click the post to find out.
Thank you Resorts World Genting for inviting son and me for this Ice Age Adventure. Above is a group photo with fellow bloggers.

Pic above credit to Family Travel Bloggers on FB
It's good time meeting up with mommy blogger friends and blogger friends.
After the fun morning session at Ice Age Adventure, we headed to Coffee Terrace for buffet lunch.
For the price of buffet breakfast, buffet lunch, and buffet dinner, click on the link above to my Facebook for info, I took a picture of it last Saturday. 

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