Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Giant Kids Run 2014 on 16 September 2014

Mommy the black spider, son the green spider.

It's quite last minute for me to make the costume for son and me, we joined the Costume Fun Run in Giant Kids Run 2014. Well I used what I have earlier bought and it's fun to see my turn is not bad after all. Though we didn't win any prize it is fun day for mom and son, yeah just both of us.

How you like our spider costumes?

There are many creative costumes we saw there.

Congrats to winners, they are so creative and it's fun joining the Giant Kids Run 2014 for the first time. Next year I hope they have the same venue again at Stadium Shah Alam or nearby us to participate again.

Goodie bag is posted in namesherry.com, click on the link.

It's our first time to go the Stadium Shah Alam, Thanks to kind uncle motorist to let us know that we parked at wrong spot, go another entrance on the other side which is nearer. We rounded a few times at the area to find the entrance to Giant Kids Fun Run 2014.

It's fun family events, for everyone, we saw young and old folks that joined the costume fun run. Indeed a joyful day for everyone, with only 5 winners for the Costume Fun Run 2014. We know the chance of win is slim but we enjoy every moment, it's win win for everyone.

Don't worry about winning or losing, there's a medal and certificate of joining this event for everyone who had pay for their children registration. You just need to go collection booth for goodie bag redemption.


  1. this is soooo cute... and that's why you should do the Halloween interview hehehehe


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