Wednesday, September 17, 2014

1st World Hotel Genting Highland

I haven't been up to Genting Highlands since 1998, the last time was with my parents and my dear when we are still dating. I can recalled we stay in two rooms, Theme Park Hotel where he and my dad same room, while my mom and I same room. But I don't know why we didn't go to Casino but we did go for the kids amusement park where we pay to play the games. I remembered winning some toys back home.

It's a flash back on the year 1998, this year we have plan to go Genting Highland. Recently I book a room using the winning letter that I won from Elmo Street roadshow at 1 Utama. Son was the one that spin the wheel, not sure if we'll get same prize if I am the one that spin it.

Anyway I have tried asking for booking number for the room 2D/1N in 1st World Hotel. Just today, they have replied me as following..

Kindly take note that the prize letter which contained the Reservation # will be send to you within this few days latest on Friday, 4pm.

A SMS notification will be send to you once we’ve send out all the prize letters.

The check-in time officially will be from 12pm till 6pm. If you wish to check-in late, you are advised to contact the number stated below the prize letter and informed the Reservation Team.
Thank you

Genting Rewards Malaysia Facebook Team 

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