Monday, September 1, 2014

Food Art Workshop by Lee Samantha

I attended the Food Art Workshop by Lee Samantha last Saturday. It was located at Marmalade Café, Lot 2 Level G3, Block C1, Publika Solaris, Kuala Lumpur

Being mommy of two boys, I know it's important that we have balance meal for ourselves and our children. Do you have hard time to give fruits to feed your child? I am happy to have attended the Food Art I learn so much from there. Thanks to Zespri Kiwifruit Malaysia, for this invitation.
It is my first time to go Marmalade Cafe, it's located not far from the 7-11 outlet, just need to walk all the way to the end.
Marmalade Cafe is at the end of office block.

Nice table setting with tools and many Zespri Kiwifruit.
We are put to groups to try out the food art ourselves, how exciting...
I can't believe I can do it, so can you but beware knife and sharp tools are not suitable for children.

Puan Nurul Aziah Musa a consultant Dietitian in private sector, she has 14 years of experience. 
She explains to use about kiwifruit and digestive health. 
A study found that out of the 27 most commonly eaten fruits, kiwifruit is the most nutrient dense.

Nutrient dense = Low in calories, high in nutrients.

Kiwifruit is one of the nature's perfect food.

Benefits of Kiwifruit for Digestive Health
Digestive Disorders?
- Indigestion
- Gastric Reflux
- Bloating
- Nausea
- Stomach ache
- Delayed gastric emptying

Do you know what is Actinidin?
An enzyme found in kiwifruit which breakdowns proteins and improves gastric digestion
- Reduces sensation of heaviness associated with protein rich foods
- Improves the absorption of proteins

Aunty Kiwi was there to explains to us too about Zespri Kiwifruit, she says that the kiwi are freshly pluck and if it falls on the ground, the worker will not use them. 

Who doesn't like Vitamin C? Do you know that each serving of kiwifruit has nearly 2 1/2 times the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C. Vitamin C is proven to boost the immune system and fight the effects of the stress and aging.

 Lee Samantha is there to teach us fun and amazing way to prepare meals for child. If you have followed her on instagram, you'll know her.

Lee Samantha explains to us that she usually sketches before making the food art. 
It's amazing how she can gets the idea so quickly, she says that she saw a cat on the street, then she thinks of the cat as hungry for a fish.
How to make the empty plate looks more interesting? Using the kiwifruit, strawberry jam, bread, peanut butter jam or butter. 

It's really up to you on how you like to put them together, look I have created this cute orange cat dreaming of a fish. Oh well... after holding the plate straight the fish becomes a bird.

Selfie time with Lee Samantha, check out my creation of food art using Zespri Kiwifruit. 

They are two types of Zespri Kiwifruit, Green Kiwifruit and SunGold Kiwifruit.
The way to difference them is Zespri Green kiwifruit is hairy while SunGold Kiwifruit is not.
Zespri Green Kiwifruit - Love the Fibre Boost!
Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit - Delicious Juicy n Refreshing sweet

How to Ripen Zespri Green Kiwifruit?
Put in a bag with fruits such as apples or bananas
Fruit taste sweeter when slightly soft or ripe.
Store at room temperature for 2-5 days for better riipening.

It's simple and easy making food art, everyone can do it. 
Now you know how to mix the healthy fruits on the place for your child to eat.

Don't just read here, if you have interest to find out more about Zespri Kiwifruit check out


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    1. food art workshop is interesting, my first time to attend :D

  2. nice event... had a great time... Love your orange cat Sherry...

    1. yeah fun and interesting to learn, hands on and can't believe I can do it. I like your cat too Miera :D


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