Sunday, June 29, 2014

Son participated in coloring activities

It's a Sunday, how's everyone doing? At the moment, my toddler and dear are having their sweet nap. We was at Giant today and son participated in coloring activities, yeah with just finished colored the World Cup Kick Off 2014 he can bring home the Faber Castell 12 pieces color pencils. There's a prize for him too, a Stabilo exam kit, which consists of 6 pcs exam graded 2B pencils, 1 pc exam Graded eraser, 1 pc sharpener and 1 pc ruler.

Among the contestants that took part, there is a set of twin gals, they are so cute though they are not identical twins but they dresses the same from head to toe.

Bravo to my son for completing the coloring activities, though they are contestants that given up so they didn't receive the prize of Stabilo exam kit.

He has no interest in coloring activities but encouragement, he take this challenge to try his best, though some other has given up but not him. :D Yeah some happy kids going home with their prize.

To me there's no winner or loser, as long they try their best to do it. They are all winners. :D

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