Monday, June 16, 2014

Anlene Concentrate Calcium, coffee flavor

The bought the Anlene Concentrate Calcium, it is coffee flavor. Yeah as you know in Malaysia we only have the original and chocolate flavor. I saw the coffee flavor at Tesco Lutos and decided to purchase it. I only bought a pack so I finished them in the resort I stayed at Krabi Island.

Tired Monday for me, though my mom called me yesterday afternoon after I reached home. I was too tire to move even more, I took a short nap in the evening before going out for dinner with family.

By the way, we finished attending the cooking class only head to Tesco Lotus before back to resort. The Tesco Lotus is far away from resort.

Anyone want to see my new hat?
I also have new hairstyle, braided hairstyles.

Click the link to see pics. You can see too in instagram sherrygo.

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