Monday, June 9, 2014

How to the Dragon 2 movie review

If you have watched the part of How to train the dragon, you will enjoy the second part of this movie. As we all know we never seen Hiccup's mommy. This time we get to see her, it's a joy to see the family reunion. Hiccup's mom knows so much of dragons, she even told him that toothless is same age as Hiccup, that's why they are best friends/best buddies. Hiccup is 20 years old now, the first movie he was 15 years old. But something happened which makes Hiccup very mad at his dragon. We were sad too seeing this part of the movie, it wasn't toothless fault, the bigger dragon were controlling his mind.

Many more dragons in this movie, the bigger dragon of them all. I saw two of them, one black colour another in white colour. The two bigger dragon will battle and who will win?! Let's not spoil you mood to watch the movie, go ahead to watch and find out.

Tonight we watched the movie at Hall 1, TGV Cinema Sunway Pyramid. I bought two tickets just son and me to watch before I go for vacation on this weekend.

We enjoy the movie from start to the end, son none stop telling me about the dragons and about their injuries.

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