Thursday, June 12, 2014

Blended movie, I feel blending..

On Wednesday night, it was mother and son night to watch movie together. We enjoy the movie Blended so much yeah we laugh from start of watching the movie until the end of it. I laugh more than son as some parts of movie he not understand.

I like this movie so much, children come first and that's 99% of it and 1% for yourself being a parent. What is this about? It's Adam Sandler as Jim in the movie that say something like this. I do agree that both parents need to spend time with children if they have free time. There is parenting involved in this movie, they sure need each other help to solve the problems.

Jim has two daughters, while Lauren has three boys. Laure is divorced while Jim's is single dad as his wife passed away due to cancer. Both single parents have first date that gone very wrong, they dislike each other.

Jim has her daughters wearing clothes like boys, so some people mistaken that his teen daughter is a male. The girls have their hair cuts are barber shop not salon. It's exciting to watch this movie on how her daughter transformed to a beautiful girl, perhaps makeover sounds better.

Two families stuck with each other in South Africa for a vacation, I like the singer in the movie, he's very funny his name is Nickens. Son was telling me, mom look at his muscles. Son's remembered of this part of movie is the boy singing this t-shirt is on fire.

Movie is PG13, yeah best to watch it with your kids if they like comedy, adventurous and wild animals.

If you have watched the movie, how you feel of Lauren's respects her son's privacy? Do you think it's right?

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