Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Krabi Island Getaway

Have anyone been to Krabi Island or any island at all? I haven't step foot on any island for long time. The last I went vacation by flight was Singapore when I was pregnant with second son.

On 28 May, 2014, I received a call in the evening. Yeah the evening I was with my son at the mall. I couldn't believe it myself that I won a Grand Prize in School of Skindulgence. I am one of the Star Students of the School Skindulgence in Dove Body Wash contest. It was a contest I joined in instagram for 21 days, I took it as a challenge for myself too.

Total of ten winners for the Grand Prize 3D/2N indulgence island getaway! The Krabi Island in Thailand.

I haven't decide whether to travel using luggage back, travel bag or backpack.

3 things awaiting winners to enjoy are cooking class, snorkerling, and yoga class. Opps! almost forgot the 1 hour of Thai Massage.

I looking forward for everything, namely the snorkerling because I haven't try this before. As I know my sisters tried before but not me, they went vacation many years back with their friends.


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