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Are you planning on any celebration? It would be birthday or anniversary, candy not only for kids they can be for adults too. With Internet access today we can search and find for party package and party ideas, now JOMPARTY 1ST YEAR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION! Why not take this chance to personalized the party of your own.

Sometimes it's hard to think about how to celebrate the party, what you need and how you want it. Now with JOMPARTY available in Malaysia, it's great news for everyone.

Jomparty is a subsidiary company to Mahligai Klasik that offer designer and personalized party celebration to Malaysian. Service include personalized candy buffet, party package, party decoration, imported party item, personalized door gift and etc.

I believe being a mom, we only know what the children will like for their party, do you know that the owner, Lydia Nasir is a dedicated mother of 2 sons working as revenue person in hospitality industry and do party as her part time. Graduate in Bachelor Degree of Media Innovation from MMU and A-Law Cambridge from BAC her interest never stop her from venturing creative industry. She has experienced for more than 10 years in flower decorating, following mother footstep as international florist and flower judge with guidance from father in landscape architect have excel her throughout 5 years in wedding and events designing.
The idea came for Jomparty with motivated passion in personalized party celebration in USA, she continue to prove her capability in pursuing her creativity in kids party.

You can contact Lydia at 019-35710682. or email her at

Who wants a party like Princess Sophia? 

Jomparty means come party in Malaysia language. It had been proven to be top search engine word and easy to pronounce by all age. They have motto is nothing to big and nothing to small. Each package are able to personalize to suit individual budget with minimal budget requirement.

Who doesn't want a candy buffet that include personalized printable for mineral water, chocolate bar, A3 size poster, personalized lollipop and personalized table decoration. 

How about a Prince party? You can have your very own castle just like above.

For more info on Jomparty check out their Facebook.
My son likes the treasure box very much, lots of candy and chocolates as you can see on the picture. 
Yeah with treasure box, you can never left out the items for selfie moment or photo moments! 
My toddler on the other hand, he likes the Thomas Train party. 

Well don't think this party is just for kids, they have also organized party for adults. Take a look at their Facebook JOMPARTY for more pictures. You can also check out the Jomparty website, click on the link for details. 

Celebrating 1st year anniversary, they are giving out 5 not 1 free candy buffet worth RM499 that will cheer you up. JOMPARTY found two winners now, they are three spots left!

Pictures above credit to JOMPARTY'S Facebook. 


  1. Nice post and nice written up. Good luck and hope you'll win this fantastic prize

  2. Nice post and nice written up. Good luck and hope you'll win this fantastic prize


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