Monday, February 10, 2014

Shopping school trolley bag for children

I am sure you know it's excited once you know your children has turn Primary 1 to attend primary school. My son is Standard 2 and his class is on 1st floor so he needs to carry up the trolley bag up and stroll is all the way to his classroom.

I spotted some school children using luggage bag, as trolley bag. There are creative parents that comes up with very own trolley bag for their children. School trolley bags are available in many types, it is depends on you to choose which you like. They have the size of big and small and compartments for the bag.

I choose the trolley bag with at least three zips compartment where I can place each compartment with different items.

When shopping for school trolley bag. the price matter for me. It's not just about the quality of the bag, but also the wheels. Remembered I bought the Mickey Mouse trolley bag for son, sad to say the back of the bag trolley part are broken.

I don't choose expensive school trolley bag because I cannot afford them. The Mickey Mouse trolley bag was an expensive bag, it doesn't last long though the bag can still be use but not the trolley.


  1. The issue is sometimes too many books to carry on certain days. Heavy bags and classroom at higher floors are really a daily challenging task for primary school students and parents alike.

    1. yeah everyday I am checking his schedule to take in/ out the books.

  2. Trolley school bag is now trending and it is fun to use hehe


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