Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Red Chinese New Year blouse/jacket

I am happy to have found a lovely red Chinese New Year blouse but my sister-in-law thinks it's a jacket. Anyway I fall in love with it and glad I can fit into it. I bought the size of XXL because XL I can't fit in.

Now Feb Top Commentator is going on, let's find out how many comments for February up to 8 Feb 2014.

  1. Kelly Chin 2 comments 
  2. tan kim - 1 comment
  3. ika zulkefli - 4 comments
  4. Syuhada Salleh - 2 comments
  5. Wendy Pua - 1 comment
  6. Miss Anonymous- 11 comments
  7. Ella Suhaila - 2 comments
  8. 5 little angels - 2 comments
  9. Ena Amir - 2 comments
Above is the commentator for February, but it's not over yet, if you are looking forward to win Feb Top Commentator do not give up. There's still chance to win, it's not over yet. 


  1. Wow, the highest at the moment already reach 11. I must put more effort .... never give up, kan?

  2. Great that you found a chinese new year blouse that you love :D


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