Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January Top Commentator 2014

Happy Chinese New Year and Holiday to you, did you enjoy your holiday? My son is back to school today, we started night journey back home town on Wednesday night.

Now let's check out who is the commentator on this January.

weeChooNeo 1 comment
5 little angels 1 comment
Kelly Chin 2 comments
Choypengism 1 comment
Kylie wenn 1 comment
Mama Darwiish 1 comment
Wai Yee aka Rane 1 comment
Soffy Lavender 2 comments
ikafantasi 1 comment
rokot nuluhon 1 comment
Ella suhaila 1 comment

As you can see we have a tie above, which is Kelly Chin and Soffy Lavender. With only one prize I will give it to either Kelly Chin or Soffy Lavender, but either one of them will need to be the first to comment on this post.


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