Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Modern Lion Dance VS Traditional Lion Dace

We love watching the movie Ah Boys to Men 1 and 2, so now there's The Lion Men part 1. Yesterday we watched the movie in GSC Midvalley, I am glad we have a quality family time to watch.

What do you think of Modern Lion Dance mix with hip hop and street performance together performed?

Tosh Zhang is one of the actors in the movie, he's Shi Shen so handsome and I like his new hairstyle in the movie. Mikey is Wang Wei Liang, he's the boy called himself Lobang in Ah Boys to Men. In movie The Lion Men, he's fear of height and he needs to confront his fear to compete in Lion Dance competition.

I find that there's no need of kitchen part for this movie where they are cooking, but it's fine we will see Mikey doing the cooking, he made delicious bao like Ding Tai Fung. His's called Mikey but everyone calling him Monkey.

It's nice movie to watch, movie rated PG13, bring your children to watch if they like to see Lion Dance comes to life just like robot. Mikey has a plush toy of Lion Dance, he always talk to his toy and one day it comes to life to talk to him and show him ways of perform Lion Dance.


  1. Heard about this movie but have not watch it. I am looking forward to watch our local movie called 'The Journey'.
    Yes, I enjoyed watching Lion Dance, the modern ones are very engaging and energetic :)

    1. yeah can't wait to watch part 2 of the movie.

  2. I love watching the lion dance too everybody does ;)


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