Sunday, February 23, 2014

Window shopping at Sunway Pyramid

Have you been to Sunway Pyramid? On Saturday I parked early to go for Avene Beauty Workshop. I was early so I can go window shopping, Sunway Resort & Spa Hotel is just 10 minutes walks away in the mall. You can find out the goodie bag I received from Avene Beauty Workshop by click above link to view.

Since I was early I went for window shopping and even head to shops on sale to try some clothes. I tried a top RM15.90 at first I like it then I saw it has button missing and hole on the top.

Talking of workshop, have you heard of LC Derma brand? There will be a workshop on next Friday. You can click on the link for more detail.

I forgot the mention I parked in level CP5 not the Suway Resort & Spa Hotel side. The parking fee RM7.


  1. Replies
    1. plan a day come shopping!

    2. Yeah i will definitely go there when my dad's free cause we can't go there often cause it's too far away from Ampang :(

    3. oh Ampang, hehe.. I went the Ampang college there before.


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