Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bio-essence V SHAPE FACE BLOGGERS Celebration Party-Part 2

Let's continue from Part 1 of the party.
The above is the explanation of Bio-essence ROYAL JELLY + ATP products, above picture left is Ms. Angeline and right is Mr. Dwarakanath the Head - Marketing of Bio-essence. There were videos to view for us to understand more about the products. Below is the skin care range of Bio-essence ROYAL JELLY + ATP. I am sure you know of the Bio-essence Miracle Bio Spring Water which ideal for sensitive skin.

Look above the Bio-essence ROYAL JELLY + ATP products and Miracle Bio Spring Water awaiting the bloggers to try!
Two bloggers on the spot get to try the products of Bio-essence ROYAL JELLY + ATP products.
First blogger Kong below picture. There are measurements of face shape before and after. 

She's happy with the result after trying the products. You can click the picture for clearer view.
The paper she is holding state the difference of her before and after usage of products.

Another blogger, her name is Jane.
She's also interested to try the Bio-essence ROYAL JELLY + ATP products.
We not just enjoy seeing the product demonstration. Look what's everyone taking doing?

There's yummy light refreshment and cheese cake with cute decoration on top. We waited Mr. Drwarakanath to cut the cake.
Above product from left is Bio-essence Exfoliating Gel with Royal Jelly & ATP
Middle product is Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream with Royal Jelly & ATP
Product on right is Bio-essence Radiant Youth Essence with Royal Jelly & ATP.
The pretty ambassador in the photo is Vivian Hsu she's International Artiste from Taiwan.
You can click here to see more detail of the Bio-essence Face Lifting Cream.
Check out how to use the Bio-essence ROYAL JELLY + ATP products.
Above left blogger Sheta, me and blogger Samantha.
At the party I get to know Sheta is one of my blog followers. :D
I have a good time at Bio-essence V SHAPE FACE BLOGGERS Celebration Party thanks to Wonderbox Malaysia and Bio-essence.


  1. Mine is up!

  2. Bio-essence have a great range of skin care products. I used them before, affordable and good!

  3. Bio Essence products some are really interesting and works great for me


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