Friday, November 22, 2013

Movember Giveaway Participants & Top Referral goes to

Happy Saturday to you, I am not feeling well with flu and fever.  

Here comes the Participants list and points for the Movember Giveaway.

They are total twelve lovely Participants for this giveaway.

  1. Arifah Lee (60 points) 1-60
  2. Nadratul Syazwana (60 points) 61-120
  3. Aisha Fauzi (100 points) 121-221
  4. RishaMelon (10 points) 222-232
  5. Miss Anonymous (80 points) 233-313
  6. fara lulu^^ (100 points) 314-414
  7. Mama Darwiish (90 points) 415-505
  8. Rokot Nuluhon (180 points) 506-686
  9. Mir(^_^)v (60 points) 687-747
  10. Cik nieda (50 points) 748-798
  11. ain (80 points) 799-879
  12. Atish Hashim (80 points) 880-960

    Do check your numbers after the points, that's be using for the to choose the winner. I will choose the winner using on coming Monday.

    The Top Referral goes to ain, she can choose any name she likes for the bracelet. Do let me know what name you want for your name bracelet.
From this giveaway I have now 181 blog followers.


  1. Congrats to Ain and get well soon to the owner of this blog. Cheers!

  2. 181 blog followers! Congrats!!! =]

  3. thank u so much.. :) how do i contact the organizer/sponsor..? perhaps by email..?

    1. you can email to me with details of your name and address and contact number :D

  4. Interesting Contest ... you are really good!


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