Monday, November 11, 2013

Mom & Baby Expo 2014 whole year schedule

Mom & Baby Expo 2014 whole year schedule for your sharing, please mark your calendar now, I am going to mark mine.

28th - 30th March 2014 Danga City Mall, JB
25th - 27th April 2014 Zenith Hotel, Kuantan...

16th - 18th May 2014 Mid Vellay, KL
06th - 08th June 2014 IDCC, Shah Alam
27th - 29th June 2014 MITC, Melaka
26th - 28th Sept 2014 Persada, JB
17th - 19th Oct 2014 Mid Vellay, KL
31st - 02nd Nov 2014 IDCC, Shah Alam
05th - 07th Dec 2014 PISA, Penang

You can also find this info from Facebook Mom & Baby Expo.


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