Monday, November 18, 2013

Children's field trip

Children's life is amazing today, don't you think? They get to go field trip organized by school or kindergarten. I remembered son attending the field trip in kindergarten, it cost him RM70 to go. Now there's a field trip for him organized by the center.

Domino's Pizza
Cookie Factory
Great Adventure
Gempak Starz
Berly's Chocolate Factory

How much this trip? Well nothing is free, this trip would cost RM130 per child.

Do you think it is worth it?

Sad to say no parent is allow to follow. I would like to go the Great Adventure! They can experience with hamster orbing roll, bumper orbing and water orbing and team building.

The lunch and snack are included.


  1. hahaha, maybe can organised one for parents ... bloggers etc.
    Good to know that the children are having whale of fun!

    1. yeah I hope there's trip for parents together. :D

  2. Field trips are always really fun i remember my first field trip was in the Zoo Negara when i was in Kindergarten :D

    1. hehe.. Zoo Negara my favourite too during kids time, but now entrance fee expensive.

    2. Yeah very expensive, we are planning to go there last year but then we left and went to Mid Valley Megamall instead :D

    3. nothing is cheap these days.


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