Saturday, November 23, 2013

Photos of Kinoluau Butterfly Party

Yeah I have so much fun at the party, above I bring back lots of beautiful pictures from 123cheese.

The first time I met 123cheese photobooth at Sunway Pyramid when attending the Planes movie with son.

Second time I met them at the Halls of Horror Movies in Chill X, TGV 1 Utama.

If you like to read about the latest Kinohmitsu products, do click on the link for detail.

Find out who is the Mamasan of the Butterfly Project. :D


  1. Lots of movie event lo, I like to watch movie, always went by myself!!! =]

  2. Wow ... you and your family are really into movies! It is a great fun way for family bonding, right?

    1. for movie, not everyone go to watch as my toddler cannot handle it. :(

  3. The, who take care of your baby toddler?

  4. You guys really love watching movies huh :D


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