Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hide and Claps* The Conjuring

I am sure everyone has got their childhood games, what's yours? I can never forget that hide and seek still the best game. Long ago I played this game with my boy before having second baby. In the movie The Conjuring too having this game! But they named it hide and claps, because there will be three claps to locate the hiding person. The person who is going to search for the hiding person, will be blind folded then she needs to turn around for ten times. After that she will starts looking for the hiding person, she gets to ask the person to clap first and second times to locate where they are hiding. When she is assure of where's she is hiding, she asked the hiding person to clap third time!

Guess what?! This is where Carolyn playing this game with her youngest daughter in the old farm house. She ended up at the closet, her daughter walked into the room saying that Carolyn is the loser because she removed the blind fold. They are the only two people in the house as four girls went to school.


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