Monday, July 29, 2013

Movie review: The Conjuring

Mommy watched the Conjuring movie, yes I did! You may click it to read more, this movie is touching story about mother's love too. Carolyn was about to kill her daughter but with Lorraine and Ed helped she didn't. It is mother's love and the power of love in the family! Carolyn is a mommy of five beautiful daughters. Carolyn and Roger bought a home through auction, they thought they got the good deal for such beautiful home.

Things get very wrong from the first night after they moved in. First day the dog didn't want to enter the house, sad to see beautiful dog didn't live long. Their dog found dead on the next day and birds flying to side of their house to suicide!

Find out how Ed and Lorraine helped Carolyn and Roger. Something happened in that house and around the house! Even though it is beautiful place to live in, something haunt them!

I can tell you everyone in the cinema hall was excited and scared for the moment watching this movie.

The power of love between mother and their children for the love of the family!

If you like scary movie, this is the movie for you. Don't watch it alone!



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