Monday, July 1, 2013

MBB winner, Guess & Win

I am sure you are excited to know who is the winner of MBB Giveaway. The winner goes to Ena Amir. Don't forget to email me your name, address and contact number to sherrygo at Hotmail dot com.

Don't forget you can stand a chance to try Guess & Win, you can guess more than once just separate the comment each time for each guess.

Recently I have been shopping for clothes, well I shop within budget. I find out tops in Padini is cheap, yeah RM19 instead of RM49. Well I need to try them before purchase.

There is another shop you can check out nearby the escalator of going up TGV Sunway Pyramid. Not sure of the shop name, but there is sales going on! I think the clothes from Thailand and other country. I found a dress RM20 which I can fit in. :D I tried two dresses but only one which I fall in love.

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