Saturday, August 3, 2013

Movie Red 2 double pass giveaway

I watched Red 2 with my dear the other night, you can read my review here. Just click on the link.

I have got Double pass of RED 2 just like above picture you are looking to giveaway. You need to change the movie tickets at the counter. *Do take note I am only giving this two passes not the actual time of movie starting on Monday night. You will need to see when is the time, the cinemas have the Red 2 movie in TGV or GSC.

What you need to do to win this Red 2 passes from me?
Red 2 you can watch either at GSC or TGV as long there is * available.

Well as I know they are already * signed.

Now if you have interest to watch this movie, here's what you need to do.

You need to be GFC follow of my blog, you need to meet me in One Utama Shopping Mall on next Monday evening onwards as I will be there from 6pm onwards until 9pm.

Your chance to win the Red 2 Double Passes, first leave a comment in my review post of Red 2. Then come back here to comment "I want to see Red 2, see you on Monday at GSC One Utama."

Winner will be chosen using Only one winner for this giveaway because I have got only Double pass which only admission for two people above 18 years above.

Giveaway ends on Sunday 8pm, leave a comment with your GFC: and email. Come back 11pm night to find out who is the winner. I will let you know how to contact me.

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