Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Malaysia Book of Records: Unilever Largest Frying Pan and Stove

 I have been invited by Faridah of Mydin to attend an event organized by Unilever for the Malaysia Book of Records. Unilever Largest Frying Pan and Stove. This is held at Mydin Wholesale Hypermarket Subang Jaya. If you are still around the area, you can check out the moving truck and the products near main entrance of Mydin USJ.

This morning when I was there, I saw the big green sheet covering something and I didn't know what it is. Guess what? It is a giant frying pan! I can't wait to see Amy Mastura, Rakesh Mohan, Managing Director and Chairman, Unilever (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, and Datuk Wira Dr Haji Ameer Ali bin Mydin, Managing Director, Mydin Mohamed Holding Bhd pulled away the green sheet.

I am sure that being a mom, you know the endless list of chores. Housewives and mothers in Malaysia are inundated with an endless list of chores - time in the kitchen should be the least of their worries. After spending so much time and effort to prepare savoury home-cooked meals for their loved ones, they are exhausted of the thought of spending more time on chores such as washing dirty dishes and cleaning stubborn stains on their kitchen.

This exclusive event, Sunlight and Cif work together as "Kitchen Specialist" to showcase how these two brands are able to ease mothers and housewives by providing them an effective solution in their solution in their kitchens.

"At Sunlight and Cif, we recognize the efforts of homemakers to ensure their kitchen are constantly spotless. With our strong commitment to bring a difference in their lives, we introduced the Kitchen Specialist to these homemakers. By using Sunlight and Cif in their kitchen, families now can spend more time together and foster closer family bonds while enjoying the taste of home-cooked meals," said Rakesh Mohan, Managing Director and Chairman, Unilever (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

To show the effectiveness of Sunlight and Cif, both the brands cleaned the largest stove frying pan in Malaysia, while settling its mark in the Malaysia Book of Records for creating the largest stove and frying pan in Malaysia. Together Rakesh Mohan, Managing Director and Chairman, Unilever (Malaysia) Holdings Sdn Bhd; Datuk  Datuk Wira Dr Haji Ameer Ali bin Mydin, Managing Director, Mydin Mohamed Holding Bhd; and popular singer, Amy Mastura received a certificate from Malaysia Book of Records after cleaning the 3 meter frying pan with Sunlight and the 4 meter stove with Cif.
The presence of popular singer, Amy Mastura jazzed up the event when she shared stories on her hectic lifestyle as mother and entrepreneur. Although she runs on a busy schedule on daily basis, she emphasized on the importance of spending quality time with her daughters and family. She believes that success of a household does not only focus on the ability to keep the house flawless clean, but also focuses on the importance of spending time to develop closer relationship amongst one another.

Since June this year, Sunlight and Cif has collaborated to introduce the Kitchen Specialist to the public through the moving truck in 42 locations in Peninsular Malaysia. Several exciting activities were held for the truck visitors including exchanging Sunlight and Cif products, cooking and kitchen cleaning demonstration, dishwashing competition and complementary sample giveaways.

Sunlight dishwashing liquid retails at RM6.35 (1000 ml)
Cif multipurpose cleaners retails at RM5.20 (500 ml)

These two products are now available at your nearest supermarkets nationwide.

For more pictures you can check out instagram sherry go.


  1. Hi Sherry!

    Nice write up :) I don't know if the moving truck is still at Mydin or not. I used to go to Mydin when they first opened up in USJ a fews ago. Nowadays I do my grocery shopping at Empire or Cold Storage and sometimes at Giant as well. Thanks for the visit.

    1. If you have time can go Mydin, it's nice place to shop. :D Varieties of food too.


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