Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Standard one primary school

Have you check online if your child is able get the school that you have registered? You will need to print out a copy of the school you have registered online and bring along original birth certificate to school. Today you can go to school to check which class he or she is enrolled in. The teachers will see the original birth certificate because she needs to put a chop behind the certificate.

They will give a name card for you to write in your child name, the name card comes with holder cost RM2. Other than that, they encourage you to sign up a fee of RM80 for the five days class of Program Transis for Standard One. During this week the children will need to attend the class in school uniform. Food is provided but not stationery so they need to bring on their own.

The teachers inform that there is no better or worst class so no worry, all classes are the same. They says some parents would want to put their children in the best class.

Passport size of children no need at the moment as the school will take photo of them. They are not sure if the class going to be situated where.

I am not sure if parents need to purchase new text books, can any parent comment on this?

Off topic, one parent approached me yesterday asking if my son needs art tuition class. She says that her daughter is giving art tuition to other students in the area. I think art is not an important subject unlike Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin.

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