Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thank you Mary Chia

It is my first time to attend the Mary Chia VIP Pampering Party, it was last week I have make RVSP for the party I choose for Saturday. The VIP Pampering party as you can see above banner consists of maincure, foot spa, hand paraffin, food refreshment, party lucky draw, and special promotion. The last message from Mary Chia in Facebook, dear Sherry, you're welcome to our pampering party and share with us your experience on your blog and facebook. Don't forget to post photos of your sweet moment in Mary Chia party yo! have a wonderful pampering.

I got a called from Ayumi asking me the time slot for attend the party, even though the party stated 11am to 5pm, but actually it is 11 am to 7pm with time slot to choose from of 11am to 1pm, 1 pm to 3pm, 3pm to 5pm, 5pm to 7pm. I got the reminder called again from Ayumi a day before the party starts.

Some of my friends have ooking for 3pm to 5pm slot on Saturday, so I can tell you I am first to attend the party. I reached there few minutes before 11am and the girls told me that the party not yet start and ask me to sit at the couch not far from their entrance. I can see that they are ready for their prayers, praying at the entrance and saying "huat ar" in Chinese language. You can see the picture of the girl holding the red bin, it is part of the prayer.

After their praying, I didn't see anyone come to me or maybe they have forgotten me that I am sitting at the couch? Below is the picture of where I am sitting near the MCU and Mary Chia. I am sure you like to know how the party get start for me.
So this is how the party looks like, I am in the consulation room or waiting room of Mary Chia. The lady then bring a name lists to check where's my name and asking me if I am new customer. Then she comes back in again greeting me saying that her name is Connie. First I like to congrats to Connie pregnant with 3rd child now, her due is October is a dragon boy. :D

Connie gave a ginger tea to drink while she showing me the brochure of Mary Chia, inside is weight management programme for weight loss, beauty programme for facial, relaxing programme which is the spa. She started asking me which I like to know, since I am there so I say it is Spa and tell me the package available. So she went to take the coffee bottle to let me see, it is one of their products in Spa. She told me of ginger spa and coffee spa.

Whats next? She ask what else I am interested to know on the brochure. Okay next is facial, then she checks my cheeks with a machine saying that I am not having enough moisture and how to get back moisture. She advice that it is best to have facial at least once a month. The minute she knows I am a blogger, she asked me to sign up her packges so I can blog them and share it on the blog about the experience. I did mention to her that I have won their voucher of 6 in 1 body treatment vouchers. Anyway next thing is bring me tour the rooms, I saw the cool locker which can use the prints for open the locker instead of using keys. Another MC girl following us and she also saying the sauna room can fit four people. Well during end of my tour, I was ask if I want to sign up any of their packages.

In my mind, I am invited here to attend the pampering party, and they asked me if I want to sign up packages right away?! She knows my answer and then say Thank you. I then asked for my goodie bag, alright girls here comes the Mary Chia Facebook Fan Goodie bag! I attended the party there is no manicure, foot spa, hand parrafin, etc as stated earlier in the banner above.

The black colour Mary Chia paper bag which consists of above goodies. There are the brouchures and one of them is the Ecoparadise voucher which can only be used in the Gardens. The party which stated lasted me 25 minutes, here goes my party experience for this Mary Chia VIP Pampering Party.

Thank you Mary Chia Sunway Pyramid.


  1. Did u enjoy the Fb party? What happen to your 6 in 1 body prize u won? Got to do it or?

    The party sounds like a sales trap.

  2. Hi Tammy, the party? It's more like getting to consultation room n tour the place that's all. About voucher, I wanted to use it but they say no do service on the day. They told me they busy for party on these two days.

    1. Dear Sherry, I am Ted, Marketing Manager from Mary Chia, Thanks for your true sharing about your experience in Mary Chia, we are appreciated and can see that we still have a lot of improving spaces in future. your 6 in 1 treatment voucher still can be use, sorry to let you confusing that didn't highlight to you we won't deliver any treatment at the event day. We would like to invite you to our center again, first to enjoy your free treatment, second to chat to you personally cause we plan to build up our network via social media, can your are expert in this field sure your feedback is important to us. Thanks you.
      do drop me a email if you have any comments.

  3. Hi Sherry,

    Interesting post. Thanks for sharing with your readers your experience at Mary Chia.

  4. Hi Sherry, I am Ted, Mary Chia's Marketing Manager. Thanks for sharing us your true experience in Mary Chia's event, can see that we still have a lot of improving spaces in the future. Your comment is precious and i would like to invite you to our center again to let you know more about Mary Chia. We are starting build up Mary Chia social media network that's is why your feedback is important, hope to hear from you soon.
    please drop me a email ( if you're free. Thank you.


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