Friday, August 17, 2012

Colored Clothespin

You are looking at colored clothespin which I purchased from Daiso at One Utama, the Daiso shop is not as big like Sunway Pyramid or The Curve. The Daiso shop is just opposite the Old Town White Coffee shop.

We have been looking for quality clothes pins and I am happy to purchase this from Daiso just RM5 for 40 clothes pins. We often used the clothespins to hang the clothes to dry.

Funny I don't see the colored clothespins at Daiso, Sunway Pyramid. I found them at Daiso, One Utama. Anyway next Sunday we need to go One Utama again because my son won two tickets to a Whimy Kid Dog Days! It will be my son's first time to watch the movie at GSC One Utama. I will need to keep my eyes open to see where to park the car, I have not drive there myself before. If I am lucky to win see premier movie I will need to know how to go there and come back home! No kidding, I am terrible in recognise the route.

Do you like shopping at Daiso? What will you purchase? I have seen a lady purchased the trays, she must really loves them, she bought like a dozen of them.

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