Sunday, July 29, 2012

Parenthood Expo 2012@Midvalley

Last Saturday we reached Midvalley at 11.30am but only manage find parking at 11.55am. My dear waited with my son outside of the Parenthood expo as too many people there. My sister-in-law and me with baby started to go checking on diapers available there. First I go the express counter to get the booklet, then redeemed the goodie bag and below image is the goodies contained in the bag.

I like the booklet is very useful to check on the booth available there, but I prefer the booklet in A4 size which more easy to flip through than seeing them one page at a time. There is lucky draw if purchase above RM150 in multiple receipt.
I have purchased four Drypers and it cost RM115 the freebie of one bottle of Comfort. Other freebies is available only for purchase of newborn products. We shop for groceries at AEON and the car is full of items, the stroller is already taken a huge chunk of space.

I saw some parents purchased other brand of diapers at the Expo, due to budget I can only purchased the brand that my baby can used. It is so crowded on Saturday and we have hard time finding seats at restaurant, we eat near the Ninja Joe. We even have hard time find high chair for baby to sit there but luckily the staff says its okay to take from other food outlets.

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