Sunday, August 26, 2012


Yesterday morning with my son to GSC One Utama, it is his first time to see movie at One Utama. We watched the movie Diary of a Whimy Kid. I saw the BAIT and I took a picture of it! I want to watch BAIT, who doesn't like to watch jaws right?

About Diary of a Whimy Kid when I collect the tickets at the booth, the girl even ask me if I need extra tickets. I won the tickets from a magazine contest, yeah I am so glad my dear drives us there and then later he came with baby and sister-in-law. There is some part of the movie sensored, but still we enjoy the movie. The funny part you guys wouldn't want to miss out is the swimming pool part, there are two funny part of it. My son says the funny part in swimming pool reminds him of Mr. Bean.

We watched the movie at Hall 7, after the movie over, the exit leads to car park level 4. We walk to the escalator which leads to Parkson. We then go to MPH bookstore, it is first time I go into MPH bookstore. They are many comics for chilren to read, my son spend half an hour there looking at his favourite heroes. He's been asking me when is new Avengers movie out, we will need to wait til year 2015.

Tomorrow I will be going to One Utama again, I watch movie tickets for premier screening of THE WATCH. This movie is only for 18 years above to watch. Who's going to be One Utama tomorrow night?


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