Thursday, August 23, 2012

Katy Perry and Red Angry Bird Cake

Last night I have a wonderful time with my dear, it is our first time to watch movie together. The last movie we watched together was with my son while I was pregnant with William. The premier screening is awesome it is about Katy Perry part of me, it is about her journey on how she becomes a star, she talks about God and she goes to church, and her divorce in marriage. I love this movie, the movie is rated PG. Most clothing she wore on concert are different and unique, if you love fairy tales you will love this. She wears many costumes on concert, it is just like fairy tales comes to life.
I love her songs, you can listen on radio too! I saw her fireworks costume on youtube she singing on stage, but I didn't see in the movie. 
The movie is at GSC midvalley Hall 6, the movie starts at 9.30pm and finished 11.15pm. Luck I bring my scarf along as I feel cold in the cinema even though it is almost full house there.
Now about Angry Bird Cake, above is the one you see. My dear and son ate this cake together and the effective of this cake gave them the red tongue!
No kidding look at my son's tongue so red, dear also having the red tongue.
He loves the red cream so much but we do not want him to eat too much and told him not to eat the red cream but just the cake. It is black forest flavour of the cake, my favour of course! I wonder if it is black angry bird cake, then the tongue would be black?!

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