Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Check and read the measurement of size

I cannot believe that I still can wear this blouse, it is XL size and I can still fit in it. I found my pants in the wardrobe and happy know I have slim down a size or two, that's not enough as my dad last week saw me and said I have put on weight. No kidding I have not go for a walk for two weeks now, yeah rainy season is one of the reasons.

If you are shopping online for plus size clothing, it is important to read and check on the size measurement. Not all the size is suitable for you, I often check on the tips on shopping plus size. Even the clothes look good on the model that doesn't mean it looks good on me. I prefer to choose dark colour clothing for some reasons. My clothing colour I have got black, red, blue, purple, green, and pink.

My friend doesn't like to wear wired bra, she told me that it is painful to wear wired bra. How about you? I seldom wear wired bra, if I am going to wear maybe just for few hours the most will be half a day which mean about six to eight hours. Talking of wired bra, my friend told me it is painful for her to wear I am thinking is it because she bought the wrong size of bra.

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