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Win cash prizes in Dutch Lady's Anak Bijak, Mak Menang campaign

It's Tuesday afternoon and it's raining here. I am looking forward to shop for groceries later this weekend. Good news for Malaysian parents as now you can look forward to more than good nutrition in Dutch Lady's Anak Bijak, Mak Menang campaign.

Dutch Lady Malaysia is rolling out a series of smart activities cards, custom-designed to stimulate children's minds and encourage learning according to their developmental stages. These cards are developed in line with Dutch Lady Nutri Plan with 5X DHA formulated milk powder for children, which provides nutrition tailored to child's milestones and mental developmental provides nutrition tailored nutrition and learning tools, Dutch Lady is giving away more than RM500,000 in cash prizes during the campaign period.
Dutch Lady Nutri Plan™ with 5x DHA range of formulated milk powder for children 1 to 6+ years old, now comes with a series of smart custom-designed activities cards, to stimulate and encourage learning according to their development stages, while mums stand to win a total of RM500,000 cash prizes through a simple contest.

There are four different stages that parents can use as guide as the child grows -
Curious (from age one to two years),
Explore (from age two to four years),
Create (from age four to six years), and
Learn (from age six years and above).

Dutch Lady Nutri Plan with 5X DHA formulated to enable parents to support this mental development b stages through four different milestones-denoted variants:
Curious (from age one to two years)
For children at this stage observe the surroundings with their eyes; it is formulated with Inositol, Taurine, and Vitamin A to protect and support further development of the eyes;

Explore (from age two to four years)
During this stage children like to touch and taste everything around them, they need immunity so that they have the freedom to explore the world; and this can be strenghtened with nutrients like Selenium and Zinc;

Create (from age four to six years)
It is formulated for children at this stage with nutrients such as Tyrosine, Choline, and Vitamin D to support their imaginative skills; and

Learn (from age six years and above)
At this stage, children six years are getting ready for formal schooling, this variant has Magnesium to help support their concentration and memory skills for better learning.

Providing parental tips on the topic of development at the campaign launch was consultant paediatrician, Dr. R. Juanita R. Lope. She said that children develop mentally in stages and that they gain smartness or grow smarter as they develop. “Whilst every child hits different developmental milestones at differing rates, parents need to monitor their little one’s development.”
 Dutch Lady Malaysia corporate nutritionist Loo Mei Fong said that a child grows more sophisticated in his thinking as he progresses from one milestone to another. “Dutch Lady Nutri PlanTM with 5X DHA is formulated to enable parents to support this mental development by stages through four different milestone-denoted variants.
(From left to right) Rifqy Danish, Jia Rye, Josiah Lu, Karen Yeo and Qashif Dariys showing some of the farm animals featured in the series of Dutch Lady Smart Activities Card.

To fully support's a child's mental development, suitable brain stimulation with educational tools is equally crucial. That is why, for a limited period, each pack of Dutch Lady's Nutri Plan + 5X DHA comes with a set of Smart Activity Cards.

Designed for each developmental stage, the Smart Activity Cards aid children in two major ways.
Firstly, by introducing the vocabularies needed to described the animals, their characteristics and the environment they live in, the cards improve a child's skills in language and expression.

Secondly, the cards provide ideas for the activities will encourage children to ask questions, explore, be creative and absorb more knowledge. These activities are also gives opportunities for parents to spend quality time with children while exercising their 'smartness'. Good bonding time I would say!

The Anak Bijak Mak Menang campaign begins 1 November 2015 and will last through 31 December 2015. Smart Activity Cards for children at CURIOS, EXPLORE, CREATE and LEARN stages come with the respective Dutch Lady Nutri Plan with 5X DHA available at major retail outlets.

By collecting the activity cards with every purchase of Dutch Lady formulated milk powder for children, each consumer stands a chance to walk away with cash prizes value between RM50 to RM5000 each week during the campaign period.

For more information on the campaign, you can visit


  1. I love dutch lady too :) faster bring your boy to join the contest, probably can win something from them!

  2. Great event to promote mental development in children! Plus mummy can win prizes too :)

  3. Got to love Dutch Lady. Boosting brain stimulation and educational tools, its seemed to be a great event to go to :)

  4. Wow. More than RM500,000 in cash prizes. You must quickly enter then! :)

  5. I also wanna win! Hahaha... i love to drink their chocolate milk and have their milk on my cereal! :D

  6. Oh wow... make me wish my daughter would drink more powdered milk... huhuhu

  7. Wow! RM50,000!
    I will let my sisters know about the contest.
    Pray for my luck ok!

  8. Now the mummy have to train their children to be smart to join this contest. All the best.

  9. Such a worthy campaign to join! Dutch Lady has always been a trusted brand to me :)

  10. Cash prizes ? Since my son drink Dutch Lady, I must well join the contest too.

  11. Dutch lady is good for healthy bone as it content calcium. I still consume it too. haha

  12. Dutch Lady always my top choice for healthy yummy milk nutrients! Did you also join the contest?

  13. have you started shopping and buying the milk? all the best to win...

  14. Wow. That is a lot of money. Faster join!

  15. i want to win too! hahaha, :D dutch lady, if my kid don't drink, i will drink it myself!

  16. My sister joining this! Nice campaign kan :)

  17. omg so cute la the decorations. am a huge fan of dutch lady. been drinking their milk since 10 with cereal! :D

  18. Didn't know about this Dutch Lady campaign until I read your post, would like to take part too :)

  19. ooo looks great! I wanna win this ! Been drinking dutch lady since I was a kid..


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