Friday, October 9, 2015

5 years old missing boy is Safe!

It is scary to know of this news when I was chatting with a friend in the morning on Facebook. She told me that her friend's friend's kid got kidnapped this morning. Heartbreaking to know of this, apparently the mom was on the way with her 5 years old son to go kindergarten. She was stopped by a man asking for directions. All the sudden the man waving another friend of his him nearby the woman and her child, the man hurry carried the child into the Proton Saga black car.

There was a video too about the kidnapping happening in the morning. The neighbour CCTV captured the kidnapped situation and the mom too was in the car but she was then remove from the car by kidnappers.

It's good to know now the boy is back safe home with his parents. You can see the video above, the Taxi driver send back the kid. I am sure every child would be happy to be back with their parents.

Talking of kindergarten, my 4 yrs old kindergarten has announcement that next year the fee will be RM430 a month, it's been increase by RM100. Thinking of this case, I think continue let my son to study in this kindergarten as the compound has guard house. The guard will check on each car that going in and out of the garden.

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