Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Syabas water cut and closed account

I don't know what happened to my sister's apartment. Apparently her tenant didn't pay the water bill and water has cut. The tenant went to Syabas office for payment but it's not enough as the account of my sister's apartment has closed by Syabas. This means that the owner of apartment needs go Syabas office to open the new account, not just bringing photostat IC, they also want a photo copy of S&P.

So now the tenant has no water at home because they didn't go pay the water bill every month. I don't know how they can forget to pay the bill. Everyday you will need to use electric and water. I always make sure that I have make payment of the electric and bill every month as I don't like to owe them any money. I forgot to mention the billed of water owed up to RM500 plus, must be a long time only she goes pay the bill but then after she payment its too late as the water bill account has been cut!

Not just that do you check your Indah Water? Now instead of monthly RM8, there's every month need to pay RM1.55 of 6% GST. So total is RM9.55 monthly for Indah Water. 

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