Saturday, October 24, 2015

Printcious gifts arrived

Here's my haul from Printcious, loving them!
We love the material of the shirts.
You can click on the link above to read if you have missed out reading the post.
The designed I have chosen is the way we loved it.
Having the word instagram and also instagram of my son @seanleiys
The shirt of mine, which I am wearing, with my instagram @sherrygo
also the my blog url

Mother and Son
My son and me sure love this mother and son shirts! 
Oh why didn't I order one more for my 4 years old son.
I shall check again if there's size suitable for him.
I do recommend this site if you love to diy shirts for your precious ones.
After all Printcious is user friendly website.

Online shopping with Printcious makes easy, I just click on custom it.
I can add on the name or anything I like at the bottom of the boy picture.

I chosen yellow color as we seldom wear yellow color shirts.
I am in love with their designs, so many to choose from.
Saw some of my friends chosen pillow customize with family photo on it. 

If you don't want to have shirts, you can also choose mugs. 
I love shirts as I can wear different shirts everyday.

If you are planning for family trips, I know some friends like to go family trips wearing the same shirts. This is where you can find all the sizes for precious ones. The size starts from S to XXL size.

If you want to purchase plus size XXL shirt, they have it too. 
Christmas is just weeks away, have you think of what present for this Christmas?
Why not choose mug for your loved ones?
Mug collection runs well in the family, each and every member in the family get to have a different mug. You can even add your name the mug. 
Many choices of mug available at the website, the website is user friendly and easy to browse.
You can even add photo of your precious ones to the mug.
Get start to DIY your gift ideas with Printcious.
I can also access the website of Printcious on the smart phone.
Some of my friends have started asking me where to print these shirts, they like to know more. 

They provide Free Delivery for orders above RM75.00
Payment made you can choose to use online banking or cash deposit machine.
If you are using the cash deposit machine, don't forget to email your payment details to

Do check out Printcious now to shop for your precious ones. 
You can create an account or login using your Facebook account.


  1. Nice, I print my own t-shirts with my own designs but always wonder where I can go to put my name on other materials like mugs and plates. Nice share.

  2. nice design nanti i pun nak buat juga hehe

  3. Sherry! nice design. This one can make couple Tee with lovey dovey

  4. I like your shirts. Just ordering mine today for me and my son. Hope to get it soon.

  5. Haha nice one, you're indeed a mom for multitasking

  6. Now this is a great idea for presents and also doorgifts.
    I hope the price is reasonable too.
    Can get discount if buy in big numbers Sherry?

  7. The material of the shirt looks good. Now i know where to get my last minute present for friends. :D Hehe

  8. Oh customized goods! Hehe. Suitable for family or those currently dating hehe. And printed mugs would be an ideal present too.

  9. Very lovely t-shirts. I have mine printed as well.

  10. Nice design and I also receive mine. satisfied with the quality.

  11. nice design. is time to have printing on my clothes

  12. I like the T-shirt designs. Will check it out.

  13. This is pretty... I like it... you got one for your son and yourself... nice!!!!

  14. design own family t-shirt for whole family member ^^

  15. WOHOO! i cant wait to get my orders done from them too! :D

  16. wow! Sherry, I like your design with your kids! Great one! I will explore this to expand my art passion, then I can generate more funds to buy art tools for my kids art charity events :)

  17. What a cute idea! Nice to know. :)

  18. Wanna order couple t shirt hehe. Will order once I decide the t shirt design.

  19. i like the acronym.. MOM - Master of multitasking, so true :P

  20. very cute design! It's perfect for gift :)

  21. So cute the Mother and Son t-shirt, what a nice concept, fast and easy to order too :)

  22. hey it's so nice to wear the couple shirt with your boy haha. cute kid he is.

  23. Haha!~ This is so nice! Mummy and boy's shirt! Like your personalized design!

  24. fast u got it already!! i shall order it by this 2 day!!

  25. I should get a try. Thanks for sharing. Was thinking to make a t-shirt as present.

  26. It was a lovely website and idea to have our own DIY Gift idea! Definitely will use this website to print my couple shirt with my boyfie hehe!

  27. Beautiful designs and would love to try for my kids too.


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