Saturday, October 17, 2015

Open new account for Syabas

Few days back as my friend has interest go Syabas, Jalan Templer. I follow her to go, her daughter drives. Her daughter and youngest daughter has 9 years age gap. I need to open new account for the Syabas, you can read the link for details.

Because my friend need to rush back by 3pm to get her daughter from ballet. I am on my own to go back home. Lucky to have myteksi app on phone but sad to say there is extra charge of RM3? When I arrived at the destination, the teksi press a button and it jumped to RM17.

At Syabas office if you open new account for water cut, you will need to fill the form. The cost of opening new account is about RM150.

It will take 3 days to connection water. At that time only 2 counters open for new account, another 3 or 4 counters are for billing.

Syabas office is only open Monday to Friday.

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