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TOP Introduces Hygienically Clean Concept For Cleaner Laundry, More Comfort and A Better Sense of Well-Being

I attended the TOP event which was held in MYDIN MALL, USJ last week. 

TOP, Laundry Detergent, developed by LION Corporation Japan, is the No. 1 Total Laundry Detergent brand in Malaysia. It is championing the concept of hygienically clean living to encourage cleaner laundry, more comfort and a better sense of well-being.

Based on LION Corporation Japan’s technological capabilities, TOP is able to provide superior products that address cleaning issues and create value in consumers’ daily lives by going beyond removing visible soil, to removing invisible soil such as bacteria, sebum and protein that are the root cause of odour, allergies and even some communicable diseases.

TOP, which is managed by Southern Lion Sdn Bhd locally, also introduced its FreshCare Technology that contains Rich-Lasting Fragrance for sustained freshness, supported by microcapsules that adhere to the fabric after wash and release bursts of scent to keep clothes staying fresh up to 14 days from wash to wear. The technology is available in its new ‘Blooming Freshness’ variant and has seen excellent consumer response.

The brand has embarked on an awareness campaign to educate consumers on differentiating between visibly clean versus hygienically clean laundry, that kicked off at the MYDIN USJ Mall.

During the event, I understand more about invisible soils and what types of malodor concern consumers.

According to Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, Senior Marketing Manager, Ms Carmen Foo, TOP is at the forefront of providing practical solutions to laundry problems linked to changing lifestyles, such as limited space, night washing and indoor drying, the need for more energy and water efficient detergents as well as changing weather events such as the haze and hygiene-related conditions such as a rise in respiratory ailments.

“Since its debut in Malaysia in 2003, TOP quickly engaged consumers with the introduction of innovative cleaning solution supported by our consumer-centric marketing approach and ongoing market research to understand their behavior and lifestyles, resulting in TOP becoming the No. 1 total laundry detergent brand, today. Now we are working on changing perceptions of what is ‘clean’ by introducing the concept of hygienically clean living, where cleanliness goes beyond the visible to the invisible, and encompasses comfort and well-being, too,” Ms Foo said.

TOP was the first laundry detergent to introduce anti-malodour technology in Malaysia in 2003. It then introduced its breakthrough Anti-Mite Dust formulation in 2011 that is proven to remove 99.9% of allergic mite-dust, and has been continuously championing the concept of hygienically clean living.

“It is safe to say that TOP has, and continues to transform the detergent industry in Malaysia through cutting-edge research & development that drives our innovation. We have won the hearts and minds of consumers by consistently providing practical solutions to their laundry problems,” Ms Foo explained.

“The introduction of the hygienically clean living technology will allow TOP to serve consumers better with cleaner laundry, more comfort and a greater sense of well-being across the board from all our products.”

“Our FreshCare Technology from Japan available in our new powder Blooming Freshness variant has been introduced for consumers who want longer lasting fragrance and sets new performance standards in the laundry detergent category with a touch release fragrance that has been proven to last up to 14 days3 from wash to wear,” she said.

(From Left) Ms Miki Ohwaku, Head Researcher [Fragrance for Fabric Care], Flavour & Fragrance Research Center, LION Corporation Japan, Mr Naoyuki Egawa, Head Researcher [International Product Development], Fabric Care Research Laboratories, Lion Corporation Japan, Tuan Ahimmat Mydin, Executive Director, Mydin Mohamed Holdings Berhad, Ms Annette Ling, Managing Director, Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, Mr. Allan Khong, Executive Director, Sales & Marketing, Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd, and Ms Carmen Foo, Senior Marketing Manager, Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, officiate the launch of the TOP Hygienically Clean Living – Innovation for Better Living” campaign.

TOP was the first laundry detergent to introduce anti-malodour technology in Malaysia in 2003. It then introduced its breakthrough Anti-Mite Dust formulation in 2011 that is proven to remove 99.9% of allergic mite-dust, and has been continuously championing the concept of hygienically clean living.

Research Led Cleaning Technology Breakthrough
According to Mr Naoyuki Egawa, Head Researcher (International Product Development), Fabric Care Research Laboratories, Lion Corporation Japan, hygienically clean is a concept that is well accepted in Japan due to its overall benefits.

Mr Egawa explained that the focus of hygienically clean laundry is on removing not only visible soils but also the invisible soils. The purpose is to prevent or minimize microbiological effects such as malodour or infection risks that may spread via soiled clothing or household linens.

“TOP is changing what detergents can do. TOP’s technology has unique cleaning agents that penetrate faster and deeper into fabric, surrounding soiled particles, breaking and removing them from the fabric surface and suspending them in the wash water where they are removed during the rinse and spin cycles.”

“In addition, TOP removes bacteria through the use of high bacteriolytic activity enzymes, contributes to the prevention of malodour generation by bacteria metabolism. Our anti-mite dust technology is another proven innovation. Together these technologies take laundry cleaning to a different level of cleanliness, comfort and well-being,” he added.

According to Ms Miki Ohwaku, Head Researcher (Fragrance for Fabric Care), Flavour & Fragrance Research Center, Lion Corporation, the FreshCare Technology is a technology developed by Lion Corporation Japan to enhance the comfort that detergents can deliver to consumers and is available in TOP powder Blooming Freshness variant.

As part of LION Japan’s social responsibility effort towards a sustainable future, our TOP detergent range also comes with Methyl Ester Sulphonates (MES), a high performance and eco-friendly plant-based cleaning agent that provides superb cleaning power while being carbon neutral and easily biodegradable in waste water.

Thank you TOP for the invitation, my child posting with TOP goodies.

TOP has been my choice for many years, if you know raining weather, it's hard to get the clothes to dry. You'll know the smell of unpleasant, with TOP I have no worry. 

Check out some instagram video taken by me, not n particular order

TOP powder detergent is available in 4 variants, i.e. Super Colour, Super Hygienic, Super White, and Blooming Freshness while TOP Concentrated Liquid Detergent range includes Fresh Tropicana, Blue Oceania, Colour Care and Anti-bacteria. TOP also offers Low Suds powder and liquid detergent for front loading machines, TOP Lite for fine fabrics and TOP Dayfresh softener.

TOP detergents are sold in major hypermarkets, supermarkets, minimarkets, and provision stores nationwide. For more information, please visit http://www.southernlion.com.my or call customer care line at 1800-88-0133.

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