Saturday, November 29, 2014

KidStrong campaign, and 'Design a Cape, Protect a Kid'

The day I was invited to attend KidStrong Campaign at The School, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. My first time to go there using the waze and my two sons in car with me. My first time to bring boys alone to event by myself.

KIDSTRONG is a campaign launched by Pfizer Malaysia to celebrate World Pneumonia Day 2014.
The KidStrong campaign is together with support of the Malaysian Official Designer's Association (MODA). It is a 6 months long campaign wit the objective to increase awareness among the public that children can be protected from pneumococcal disease. 

Above Noor Yang Azwar Kamarudin, Pfizer Malaysia. 

Some photos taken by me during the events, you can also check out instagram 

During the event, there's presentation on Pneumococcal Diseases by Dato' Dr. Musa Nordin, Founding Member of Asia Strategic Alliance for the Preventation of Pneumococcal Disease.

From left Noor Yang Azwar Kamarudin, Pfizer Malaysia, Gillian Hung, Malaysian Official Designer's Association (MODA), Dato' Dr. Musa Nordin, Founding Member of Asia Strategic Alliance for the Prevention of Pnemococcal Disease. 

The KidStrong campaign features a superhero theme which highlights the importance of protection for children to continue stay strong and healthy in order to develop to their full potential. The symbol of the campaign, a superhero's cape, signifies the protection for the children - a symbol of security for the children against pneumococcal disease.

As part of its outreach, KidStrong will be collaborating with Malaysia Official Design Association (MODA) and eight young Malaysian designers to conduct a baby cape design competition. These capes will later be featured in the KidStrong fashion show in April during the World Health Organization's World Immunization Month. 

A group photo of the VIPs at KidStrong Campaign. 

The KidStrong campaign supports the goals of the World Pneumonia Day 2014.
- Pneumonia is the number 1 infections killer of children under age 5 globally
- To continue to create awareness and engage the public through education
- Poor and rural communities area most affected
- Access to prevention methods will reduce child mortality
- Vaccine is the most cost effective measure

My sons are happy during the media tour at KidStrong Exhibition Area.

Don't forget that KidStrong will be organizing a 'Design a Cape, Protect a Kid' engagement program with healthcare professionals, design schools and the public. The public can log on the to downlaod the entry and design form to submit their design. Every entry form received is counted as a pledge, and Pfizer will be making a donation of RM5 to charitable organizations that focus on provided universal access to protection against pnemococcal disease in Malaysia.


  1. Your sons is so happy at the events. Pose for pic :D

    1. yeah my first time on my own with to boys. :D


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