Sunday, November 2, 2014

Scholastic books: The Very Brave Bear

Surprise came to my door step, this is The Very Brave Bear, Scholastic book. 
Do you know that Scholastic has the suitable book for every child level of development?

Besides gaming or outdoor activities, we also need to guide our children to read books. I find that the Scholastic books are suitable for my child to read. 

My son is happy to receive this book and the night he complete reading the book. 

The Very Brave Bear has the big visuals and less words. That's my son's favourite because he doesn't like reading books with many words on it. He loves visual and this book is perfect for him to read.

The colors of the book and pictures shown in the book, they are easy to view and read. I am glad he shown interest in reading.

After reading the book, he wants to read more about the others
The Very Cranky Bear
The Hungry Bear 
The Very Itchy Bear

Talk about Scholastic in general:
They are a leading book publisher (our headquarter in New York), with many big titles such as Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Clifford, etc. 
They publish books for children from age 0+ to young adults (teens).
The books are available in all major bookstores across Malaysia. 
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