Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Renew/apply passport at Pejabat Imigresen Kelana Jaya

Photo 1st left top where everyone waiting for their number being call.
Photo 2nd bottom where you can see no more numbers given out as they have enough for the day, however if for old folks above 60s they maybe exception. 
Photo 1st right top, where you are given a number, you need to show your IC, small form filled
Photo 2nd bottom right, the number given after you have payment for passport, you need wait an hour for your number being called at counter 1. 

Last Saturday, early morning we headed to Pejabat Imigresen Kelana Jaya, guess what?! By 9am they have already out of tickets to give, so the guard advice 5am to come queue at office. As you know it is school holiday soon and towards new year or CNY. You'll find most office of Imigresen full of people. 

This morning I woke up at 6am and waited sis-in-law to be ready and my toddler too. We depart around 7.15am and waze brings me long journey instead of short journey to the office. I reached there around 8.10am and tickets given to my sis-in-law and my toddler 1089 and 1090. 

We was told to wait another hour for our turn, so just next to the office there's mamak stall to hangout. We have our breakfast there, then going back in at 9am many people left with disappointed face as they didn't get any number for renew passport or apply for passport. 

After having my son finger print and photo snap, then we need wait at counter 3 for our number to be call. The number of 1089 or 1090 will be called then only we can make payment, after that we need to wait 1 hour to go back counter number 1. The number -113 is the number batch given where you have make payment for the passport but you need to give this paper back to officer. They will be find your name according the bath before they called your name to collection of passport. 

My sis-in-law is renewal passport, renewal fee RM300 for 5 yr
My toddler is first time apply passport, apply 5 yr for RM150 (children fee)

Total of 10 counters, 2 counters for surrender Counter 1-2, 2 counters for payment Counter 3-4. 

Today, they only limited 200 people as 3pm they have Bomba inspection. Many people being route to go PKNS Shah Alam. I arrived home around 12.10 in the afternoon. Yeah tired all day as my toddler really loves to run here and there. I forgot to mention that the system jam for half hour this morning. So my sis-in-law asked, when it happened before?! Officer says yes, it happened on Tuesday.

Pejabat Imigresen phone numbers as following as I bought the RM3 passport cover, got the info inside.

Putrajaya (HQ) 03 8880 1000
Jalan Duta, KL 03 -3205 7400
Wangsa Maju 03-4142 3449
Shah Alam 03-55190653
Kelana Jaya 03-5519 0653
KLIA 03-8776 8018
Port Klang 03-3168 8166
Kajang 03-8734 4344
LCCT 03-87776632

I parked not far from the office and pay RM8. They charged by hour, though it is open air parking. RM2 an hour parking under the sun.

For you info, if you are going on weekends, be ready to go queue at office as early as 5am. Tickets can be run out as early as 8.30am. You might want to bring a hand fan, some places in office is hot/warm. Lack of seating too if many people, so be ready to standby.


  1. I wish they can bring back the online system to renew our passport.

  2. What??? At 5am we must queue? Aiyoooo so early in the morning.

    1. yeah for early birds, if not 6am? it's near school holiday now..

  3. Didn't know so many people. Was thinking of getting a passport for my son n renew mine. I thought they used to have machines where we just put old passport n docs into the machine. It's a long time since I last renewed my passport.

    1. my friend says there's still machine, but I don't know where.


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