Sunday, November 16, 2014

Big Hero 6 movie review *emotional

This morning is mother and son day's out, yeah a movie just for mother and son.
Big Hero 6 movies, where a boy named Hiro loses his brother in a fire incident. He thought it was an accident that killed his brother and the professor. Things got worst when he found out his creation got stolen, he thought he loses all of it in the fire just like his brother. 

Hiro gets to know his brother friend's as he brought him to the lab to his his latest creation. A caring robot named Baymax, Hiro called it a robot nurse. It's an emotional movie, during the movie, I find there's teary moment moment too. 

Hiro loses his brother and he loses hope in everything, until one day he got injury his toe. Baymax is there for him, from that moment Baymax never leaves him until he says he is satisfy. Baymax helps Hiro to find the mask man who stolen his creation. He's not alone, he teams up with 4 others which had funny nick names.
Go Go
Honey Lemon

Hiro was the one that designed a suit for everyone, even for himself. 
If you kids like robotic, this movie will be interesting for them to watch. 

Baymax is created by Hiro's brother before he died in the fire incident. He never gives up trying and he succeed, he's so happy having this piece Baymax to show Hiro. 

You can click on the link to view #BaymaxHug video
Thanks to Wee Ling for letting the passes for me to watch as she's not around to watch it. 


  1. Glad that you enjoyed it, seems like a nice movie. You're welcome for the tickets.

    1. thanks Linda, such nice movie that I have nearly cry in the cinema.

  2. Looks like lots of fun...glad both mom and son had a great time...

  3. Agreed! It's certainly a very good movie, and made me cry too ;P


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